Knowledge is everything
Knowledge is everything
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Casino Reviews
Casino Reviews
Join other players in training and analysis of slot machines.

Get advanced tips and tricks from expert slots players with over 30 years playing experience from playing various type of slot machines worldwide.
Reduce the time you spend in the casino playing slot machines and increase your success rate when you do play.

Atcal has a viriaty modules and add ons available for beginners to advanced players.

Are you ready to take control of how you play slots?
Casinos offer more than just playing slot machines or tables but is normally a perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

Whether you are looking for a holiday destination or a 1 or 2 night stayover Atcal can help you with reservations and get maximum benifits from your loyalty points
We offer peace of mind to our clients so we are allways on standby should anything go wrong with your bookings.

We also help event bookings at any casino.
Knowledge is power and when playing slots you need to stop relying on luck and start playing with your head not your heart.

Atcal has a variaty of products on offer the help you obtain the knowledge you need.
Atcal can help arrage accommadation, transfers, flights and car hire and very competitive rates worldwide.

Accommodation can be at the casino or any prefered resort of your choosing so you do not need a slots player to benefit.
When reviewing a casino we take the following in concideration.

* Slot machine diversity
* Historical payouts availibility
* Tables availible
* Accommodation
* Entertainment
* Security
* Staff attitude
* Promotions
* Loyalty benefits
Atcal reviews casinos from a punters perspective.

Honest reviews and experiencess
We work closely with casinos to help improve your playing and staying experience