Playing Slots with knowledge



Training on how to play slots responsibly and with knowledge


We develop software for the informed gambler.


For those who needs help getting back control.

Our Goal

Play Less

The very first objective to becoming a successful slots player is to play less. Reducing the time spend in a casino should be as productive as possible. After all time is money.

Spend Less

Playing slots should not be about putting as much money as possible through a slot machine. The total money spend per visit should be less than untrained slots players.

Success more Often

Trough a combination of less time spend on slot machines and reducing the money spend when playing we strife for a 70% - 75% success rate.

What is Success

What makes a successful slots player? Is it about the jackpots you win? Our system ins not get rich quick scheme and requires that you have realistic expectations.

Every slots player needs to know what his definition of success is. Slots players need to remember that slot machines are designed to take money and is there to turn profits for the casino’s.

With a clear definition on what makes a successful slot player, we focus on various factors to help you achieve your goals.

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